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Read about some of the ways we have helped...
Supporting Junior Cricket

In order to help organise and grow the Club’s thriving junior sections, the Trust incentivises Club members to help on Friday evenings and junior match days by reimbursing their Membership Subscriptions.

Midweek Cricket

Midweek cricket, and cricket in general, continues to struggle as participation numbers keep falling as each year passes. In order to help alleviate this the Trust has covered the cost of midweek match fees for all those Club members aged under 25. This has enabled the Club to continue to fulfil its current midweek fixtures while allowing young members to play as much cricket as they wish without the cost burdens of having to play cricket.

Travel Abroad

Grants are available for those that wish to travel abroad to further their cricketing skills and knowledge. The Trust can support flight costs, 1st month's accommodation and contribution to subscriptions while playing at a Club overseas. For our young cricketers, this is a fantastic opportunity to play cricket in another country while gaining invaluable experience playing in foreign conditions.

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