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Here are some of the things the Trust achieved in 2019

11 Dec 2019

2019 has been a busy year for the Trust. The Trustees have pleasure in detailing the Trusts’ achievements in 2019:

  1. The Club’s Professional player for 2019 was Alex Barrow. The Trustees are pleased to have been able to help support the placement of Alex with the Club. Alex contributed massively to the progress of the Club. On the field Alex amassed over 1100 League runs and added much needed intensity in the field as well. He ably helped lead the Colts training evenings each Friday throughout the season and many of our young cricketers have accessed him for coaching. This has proved highly successful with many younger members of the Club getting valuable 1 to 1 coaching which the Trust has funded. Alex’s addition to the Club both as a player and coach have proved invaluable and the Trust will continue to support his placement in 2020.

  2. A number of the Club’s Level 2 coaches have provided 1 to 1 coaching sessions throughout the summer for young members looking to develop their cricket skills. All 1 to 1 sessions have been funded by the Trust and this programme of coaching will continue for the foreseeable future.

  3. 2019 saw a return to Jersey for the Club’s bi-annual Cricket Tour. For the first time many of the young adults were able to join the Tour. The Trust funded flights, accommodation and playing fees for those eligible to join the Club on the Tour. Thanks were received from all those that were fortunate to have their trip paid for by the Trust.  

  4. Midweek cricket, and cricket in general, continues to struggle as participation numbers keep falling as each year passes. In order to help alleviate this the Trust has covered the cost of midweek match fees for all those Club members aged under 25. This has enabled the Club to continue to fulfilling its current midweek fixtures while allowing young members to play as much cricket as they wish without the burden of having to pay match fees. This again has proved highly successful and will be continued for the 2020 season.

  5. In order to help organise and grow the Club’s thriving junior sections, the Trust incentivised Club members to help on Friday evenings and junior match days by reimbursing their Membership Subscriptions for 2019. All those that committed week to week to helping with junior training and match days have been reimbursed.

  6. Two Club members, Toby Seldon & Tom Moore, took the opportunity to travel to Australia to play cricket to further develop their cricketing skills. The Trust has funded their travel costs to Australia and contributed to their visa, first month’s rent and membership fees. The opportunity for the Club’s young members  

  7. This winter no formal programme of 1 to 1 coaching has been organised for junior members. The Trustees have urged members to directly contact the Club’s Level 2 and Level 3 coaches to organise 1 to 1 coaching. This has proved successful, with a number of the Colts and young adult members organising sessions with our coaches.

  8. The Trust contributed funding towards an East Devon Community Cricket Coach. The Trust’s contribution allowed for day a week delivery to schools in the Sid Valley. The hope is that young cricketers enjoy taking part in cricket and ultimately play and become members of Sidmouth CC.

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