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Sidmouth Cricket Player Development Charitable Trust

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Community and a sense of belonging is at the heart of Sidmouth Cricket Club...


That connection with the community remains strong: THE SCPDCT is committed to making a positive difference by promoting participation in the game and the development of skills through coaching and experiences such as playing overseas.

The Trust


The Sidmouth Cricket Player Development Charitable Trust's primary purpose is to promote participation in the game of cricket. The beneficiaries of any funding must be aged 13-25 years old and should be, or become, active members of Sidmouth Cricket Club.

The Trust

How the trust can help you

The Trust can assist players in maximising their enjoyment from the game through encouraging and assisting them to develop their skills to a level appropriate for each individual.


The Trust can assist players in continuing their cricket and personal development through facilitating overseas travel, individual coaching or group coaching provided that the individual’s cricketing development may be expected to benefit from the experience so gained.


It is the intention of the Trust to facilitate a sense of belonging and loyalty to Sidmouth Cricket Club through supporting individuals and appropriate events that may help realise this objective.


The beneficiaries of any funds will be players between the ages of 13 and 25 and any events should encourage player development at Sidmouth Cricket Club.

How we're making a difference

Read about the Trust's achievements in 2022

Here are some of the things the Trust achieved in 2022:

  1. The Trust supports those at University wishing to travel back to Sidmouth to play cricket at weekends for the Club. Those that benefitted enjoyed returning to play for the Club, while not feeling under financial pressure to so.

  2. Separate contributions were made to junior Club members for their respective involvement in the Devon U15 Development tour to South Africa this winter and a school cricket tour to the Middle East.

  3. The Club overseas professional in 2022 provided many hours of 1 to 1 coaching delivery, funded by the Trust, to the U25 Club members. Other Club coaches also provided their time to deliver 1 to 1 and group coaching.

  4. The Club's tour to Jersey returned in 2022 after a 3 year break. The Trust covered a large portion of the cost of the trip for all those Club members U25. Another memorable trip was enjoyed by all!!

  5. Members that helped on Junior training evenings and junior match days throughout the summer were reimbursed their annual membership subscription. This is a nice incentive for Club members to put some time back in to the Club they play for and help develop our junior cricketers for the future.

  6. The gift aid received from a kind donation enabled the Trust to donate funds to the Club to purchase a much needed new bowling machine.

  7. For junior training evenings each age group coach picked their trainee of the session. Each winning trainee received a £5 voucher, funded by the Trust, to use as they wished with the Club caterer.

  8. Midweek cricket, and cricket in general, continues to struggle as participation numbers keep falling. In order to help alleviate this at the Club, the Trust has covered the cost of midweek match fees for all those Club members aged under 25. This has enabled the Club to continue to fulfil its current midweek fixtures while allowing young members to play as much cricket as they wish without the cost burdens of having to play cricket.

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